About Me

I had been thinking about running a marathon since I was little and my mother brought us to watch the finish of the Boston Marathon.  I loved watching runners from all parts of the country and world, make the final turn onto the last stretch on Boylston Street.  It was inspiring to think about the thousands of runners, each with their own special story, each with their own goal.  We loved encouraging as many runners as we could by shouting out their name/college/cause that was decorating their shirt.

I started running about 3 years ago in order to get in better shape, to provide new challenges, and to accomplish something that I had been dreaming of for a while.  I joined a running club which enabled me to improve my training, to learn more about training/racing concepts, and to compete in races of various distances.  It has been exciting to run races anywhere from a 5K to a marathon and to see improvements as I train and gain more experience.  I love the excitement leading up to and sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing a race.  I also love that there are so many personal goals and stories surrounding me in each race.

I finished my first marathon about 6 months after I started running.  I ran my first Boston Marathon in April 2012 (with a high of 87 degrees F).  I have now run 4 marathons.  After the tragic events of the most recent 2013 Boston Marathon, where we were stopped 7 blocks away from the finish line, I am even more determined to put forward my best effort in the upcoming 2014 Boston Marathon.

I have also decided that my efforts in training and racing can help a group of animals who have defined our country but who have had the odds completely stacked against them.  The last wild buffalo have seen their population reduced from about 4 million to only 4,500.  Sadly, several groups are fighting to slaughter even more of these beautiful animals.  I created this website to provide information about the wild buffalo and to provide ideas for how we can help save these majestic symbols of America.  Someday soon I personally hope to travel to Yellowstone to volunteer for Buffalo Field Campaign.  Please help me spread the word about the wild buffalo by linking to my website or twitter account (https://twitter.com/running4buffalo).  Thank you for visiting my site and for helping me to raise awareness about the last wild buffalo!


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